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Talus Software, PLLC specializes in software design and build for mechanical engineering, transportation engineering, mining engineering, telecommunications, bio-medical engineering, space exploration and e-commerce.

The core discipline among these domains is physics.  Physics includes the celestial mechanics of spacecraft, the geometry of milling parts, the equations of motion for vehicles, finite element analysis for stresses in mines, and even financial/inventory projections for commerce applications.

Mr. Ceccarelli is an expert in the physics of traffic approaching signalized intersections.   He is an expert witness in several States regarding yellow light durations, all-red clearance intervals and red-light cameras.   The Institute of Transportation Engineers made him an expert in yellow lights.   Mr. Ceccarelli has presented this topic at several venues.  He has been published in Traffic Technology International (Oct/Nov 2013),  has presented a webinar series for the National Society of Professional Engineers, lectured at the the Autonomous Vehicles Symposiums in the United States and Germany, and presented for American Society of Civil Engineers,  the North Carolina Society of Engineers and the Durham Engineering Club.

Brian Ceccarelli

Brian Ceccarelli, P.E., M.NSPE, M.ASCE, M.ITE
Principal Engineer
Talus Software, PLLC
4605 Woodmill Run
Apex, NC  27539    USA