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Talus Software, PLLC specializes in data and software engineering software for businesses such as e-commerce, banking, health, mechanical engineering, transportation engineering, mining engineering, telecommunications, bio-medical engineering and space exploration.

Consultation Services

  • Cloud or not Cloud?
    • Does your project meet the requirements of a cloud?
    • Is a cloud an overkill?
    • What kind of expenses does one expect on a cloud?
    • What are some advantages of a cloud?
  • How does one implement a Cloud application?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Native?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Cloud Hybrid?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantage of an on-premise Cloud?
  • RDBMS vs “noSQL” Databases
    • RDBMSes still provide the transactional, normalized and data integrity-enforced backbone which applications require.
    • MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, DocumentDB are good for specialized QDD (Query-Driven Design) calls.   Especially so when the velocity of data needing to be stored grows beyond the scaling ability of a traditional RDBMS.
  • Data Lake vs Data Warehouse
    • What is the difference?
    • Does your business need one or the other, both or none?
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI
    • AI uses Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
    • Deep Learning is a form of Machine Learning.
    • What must be first in Data Science:  science or data?
    • What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning and what problems do they solve?
    • What are hyperparameters?
  • SOA or Microservice Architecture
    • What is the purpose of Microservice Architecture (MSA)?
    • What advantage does SOA architecture have over MSA?
    • What advantage does MSA have over SOA?
    • What is a monolith and is that bad?
  • Languages
    • What is the best computer language for your application?
    • What languages do your application require?
    • For IaC (Infrastructure as Code), should you use Terraform or Cloud Formation, and for detailed configuration: Python or Bash?
    • What is the fastest language?   C++ > Python > Java
    • When do you use Scala?
    • What is SQL for?
    • Is “NoSQL” is misnomer?
  • Bitcoin
    • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    • Finite Fields
    • Block-Chaining

The core discipline among these domains is physics.  Physics begins with a way of thinking.   That way of thinking is to first identify problems, assume nothing, and arrive at the solution in the minimum amount of steps.   Physics not only applies to celestial mechanics of astronomy, astrodynamics for spacecraft, the analytic geometry of CNC milling, the equations of motion for vehicles, finite element analysis for stresses in mines, but also its underlying scientific method extends to the business decision problems in the financial industry.

For software engineering, Mr. Ceccarelli is an expert in data modeling, application architecture and development.   For civil engineering, Mr. Ceccarelli is an expert witness in traffic signal timing and photo-enforcement.

Mr. Ceccarelli has presented the topic of Misapplication of Physics for Yellow Signal Lights in many venues.  He has been published in Traffic Technology International (Oct/Nov 2013).    Has presented a webinar series for the National Society of Professional Engineers, lectured at the the Autonomous Vehicles Symposiums in the United States and Germany, and presented for American Society of Civil Engineers,  the North Carolina Society of Engineers and the Durham Engineering Club.

Brian Ceccarelli

Brian Ceccarelli, P.E.
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